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The King and I - Olney Theatre Center

Eileen Ward’s performance as Anna is magical. With a fiery presence that contends well with the larger than life personality of The King, Ward seizes each opportunity to spark a moment of passion to life. Her ability to carry and sustain beautiful notes is beyond impressive and she does so without sacrificing the sound of her prim British accent. Her speaking voice infuses little hints of sass that really jab daggers at the King to establish her presence, but the soul she gives Anna is pure and kind. 

Amanda Gunther/ DC Metro Theatre Arts


But...I'm happy to report there is much more. Starting with the talented Eileen Ward playing the role of Anna with such grace and beauty and a voice that is just plainly "wonderful". Ward nails her solos: "I Whistle a Happy Tune", "Hello, Young Lovers", and "Getting To Know You". Charles Shubow/ Broadway World DC


Anna Leonowens (Eileen Ward), the British teacher Mongkut imports to teach English and other Western subjects to his children and wives, is responsible for the three best-known songs in the show, “Hello, Young Lovers,” “Getting to Know You,” and “Shall We Dance.” With a warm, strong voice, she carries them off well, though “Shall I Tell You What I Think of You,” is perhaps her best, a character song expressing in an angry and humorous way her attraction to and deep frustration with the King, as well as her love for her work and the children she teaches. Ward consistently conveys the independent — almost proto-feminist — nature of this Victorian woman making her way in a strange land. Bob Ashby/Showbiz Radio


While Eileen Ward makes a formidable challenge to the king, she’s also an actress who can bring off classic R&H songs, such as “I Whistle a Happy Tune” and “Hello, Young Lovers.” The highly anticipated “Shall We Dance” number is brought off with swirling charm and energy by Montalban and Ward. Gary Tischler/The Georgetowne


"In The Shadow of the Glen" and "Nora" at Marvell Rep
"Eileen Ward, as Mrs. Linde, blends prudence with Kindness to fine effect".

"The four member ensemble give their characters a compassionate lunacy which only the Abbey Theater itself could excel. No hand is over played. This is anguish made comic".
A Curtain Up Review - Deirdre Donovan

"It takes Synge just 30 minutes to tell his story, but it is  well done as it is by the Marvell Rep people. Sean Gormley is a standout  as the tramp as is Eileen Ward as Nora".
Joseph Hurley - The Irish Echo

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" at the Bristol Riverside Theater

"Eileen Ward has many good moments as Elizabeth Jelkes, the young woman  Hatcher has fall in love, not with Jekyll, but with Hyde(s)".
Dante J.J. Bevilacqua - Montgomery Media

A Streetcar Named Desire at New Harmony Theater

"Eileen Ward was Blanche DuBois. Provencial,  over protected, abandoned, in jeopardy, uninitiated, insular, jilted,  heart broken, delusional, deranged, cunning, conniving, helpless,  predatory, victimized, alcoholic, homeless, witty, artful, totally  unhinged, amoral, pitiful, scary and even funny. Ward made me feel it  all. A truly moving performance of a great role".
Ron Nesler -

"Blanche is the most courageous,  compelling and engaging character in New Harmony Theater's "Streetcar",  thanks to an inspired performance by Eileen Ward".
"Everything in director Lenny Leibowitz' production revolves around Ward's lacy, layered portrait of Blanche's fragile tenacity".
Roger McBain; Evansville Courier Press

"Much Ado About Nothing" at the New Harmony Rep

"Eileen Ward, who appeared in last  summer's "Crimes of the Heart", was the brightest spot in the show,  playing Beatrice with a smart, tart intelligence and a stubborn  independence that radiated through every scene she appeared in".
Roger McBain: Evansville Courier Press

"Crimes of the Heart" at New Harmony Theatre

"Eileen Ward plays Babe in a kind of dreamy, sensual dance punctuated  with lingering sighs, breathy lines and a surprising insights. Her  intuitive timing and delivery oozes pure, childlike candor and  vulnerability with womanly yearnings".
Roger McBain: Evansville Courier Press

"Hello Dolly" at the Gateway Playhouse

"Eileen  Ward, as Irene Molloy, the owner of both a women's hat store and Cornileus's heart, has a sweet presence and a glorious voice that  turns  "Ribbons Down My Back" into an embracing instant, and "It Only Takes a  Moment" into a romantic parenthesis within the brash goings  on".
The East Hampton Press and The Southampton Press, by Lee Davis

"The object of his affection is Irene Molly, a hat shop owner ably played by Eileen Ward, who has a very pretty voice".
The New York Tmes by Aileen Jacobson

"1776" at the Olney Theatre

"Ward  gets a brief but warming moment in the spotlight in a  scintillating  turn as Abigail Adams. John's resilient and witty  helpmate".
The Washington Times

"The two ladies of the cast, Eileen Ward and Jessica Ball are all impressive dramatically and vocally in this demanding show".
Ben Ryland - On Stage

"Guys and Dolls" at the New Harmony Theater

"Even  in this polished ensemble, Ward stands out as she has in every  previous  New Harmony Theater role. Her cloying, English mangling,  adenoidal  performance as Miss Adelaide delighted, engaged and  enthralled.  Telegraphing the character's sighing vulnerability, easy  generousity and  dizzy, but inextinguishable determination".
Roger McBain - Evansville Courier Press

"Camelot" at Stages St Louis

"Ward's performance as this highly self-indulgent queen-to-be was  breathtaking. This woman could sing the phonebook and I would be  entertained".
Jim Campbell - Playback, St Louis

"Eileen Ward...nothing short of wonderful"
Steve Allen - KFUO- FM, St Louis

"Eileen Ward has a somewhat difficult role. She does it well. The result is a delightbul insight into why loves defies logic".
Deanna Jent- Riverfront Times

"The King and I" at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse

"Eileen Ward plays Anna magnificently. From her manervering  around the stage in the 1800's fashion, to her angelic-like voice, Ward  never misses a beat".
Ed Fayette - Oswego Daily News

"Ward is a splendid Anna - attractive, beautifully voiced, her polite demureness riding lightly over an iron will".
Barbara Adams - The Ithica Times

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